Launch of OpenHPC 2.x virtual training lab - 16 February 2024

Dear colleagues
The HPC Ecosystems Project team is pleased to announce the second virtual hands-on training lab for OpenHPC 2.x, scheduled to launch 16 February 2024 and concluding 4 March 2024.
The virtual lab will provide asynchronous instruction on deploying a 3-node OpenHPC 2.x cluster, with the deployment performed on your personal computer using Virtual Box. Upon the conclusion of the training, participants may opt to keep the virtual 3-node cluster on their system to facilitate future learning and training.
All instructions are delivered online and are available for self-paced learning. The entire virtual lab is expected to require approximately 15 to 20 hours of hands-on time to complete.
To find out more information or to register interest in participation, please go to